Palmer Recovery Attorneys

New Name Is Only The Beginning.

The leading Civil Recovery law firm has a new name. The Firm is pleased to introduce Palmer Recovery Attorneys to the Retail World.

The new name reflects the law firm’s organizational renovation, comprehensive process review, and improved business partnership opportunities. One such partnership has resulted in upgrades to PRA’s cloud-based telecommunications technology, significantly enhancing Call Center capabilities. A thorough review of the entire Palmer suite of technology has led to upgrades to the payment platform, by further widening payment options and flexibility. New training modules for the Call Center Recovery Specialists are transforming the recovery dialogue, and increasing recovery dollars and percentages. Clients can expect further enhancements in recovery performance to an already robust industry-leading recovery process.

The favorable re-organizing of resources has impacted Palmer Recovery Attorneys normal trade show presence, as the focus remains on implementing the changes to the new and improved brand. Palmer Recovery Attorneys eagerly looks forward to the new brand roll-out at June’s NRF Loss Prevention Conference in Washington, D.C.