Medical Debt

You’ve provided the service. You haven’t been paid. Let us help. When it comes to matters of debt collection, the value of proven professionalism is immeasurable. It can mean the difference between getting paid or taking a loss. That’s what sets us apart from collection agencies.

Many doctors are reluctant to send accounts to collection agencies for patients who fall behind on their medical bills. While this is understandable, the outstanding debts do not improve with age. In fact, the odds of recovering your lost revenue tend to decrease steadily over time.

At PRA Law Firm, we understand the importance of retaining your patients and their goodwill, along with your profits. Our sophisticated approach to debt recovery is designed to produce results without driving your patients away. Let us help you get paid so you can take care of your patients without any stigma associated with sending accounts to “collections.”

Experience what hospitals, doctor groups and urgent care clinics are discovering by working with us.  Put the power of the law to work for you. We are a professional collections law firm at your service.